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    Hempies is a unique headshop with locations in Cape Girardeau, Missouri and Bend, Oregon.  It was founded by Sean Wibbenmeyer and Christie Wibbenmeyer, brother and sister,  in October of 2002.  Hempies started out in downtown Sikeston, Missouri on Front Street which lasted about 2 months before moving to 110 Themis Street in downtown Cape Girardeau.  Within 2 years it was time for a larger store so Hempies bought the old My Daddy’s Cheesecake building on 111 North Mainstreet.  In 2022 the Missouri Hempies moved 2 stores down to 115 North Mainstreet doubling the size of the previous store.  The Pacific Northwest store was founded on January 24th, 2015 and became Bend, Oregon's number one smoke shop 1 year after opening.